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THOMAS BAKKE LAURSEN joined Riverview Consulting as a senior electrical engineer in the fall of 2012. In this role, Mr. Laursen brings his extensive experience in wind energy engineering to Riverview. Prior to joining the Riverview team, Mr. Laursen was the Director of Electrical Power System at FloDesign Wind Turbine. In this position, Mr. Laursen was responsible for electrical power system design including generator, converter, protection systems, and wind turbine software. He also ensured successful installation and commissioning of a prototype turbine for the company. In addition to this technical work, Mr. Laursen was responsible for devising and executing FloDesign’s strategy plan.

Mr. Laursen also has over ten years of experience working in technical and engineering positions at Vestas, a leader in the wind energy industry. Mr. Laursen’s previous positions at Vestas include Director of Technical Support, Electrical Manager in Technology, Electrical Support Engineer, Product Claim Manager, and Electrical System Specialist. In these roles, Mr. Laursen was responsible for a wide range of technical issues related to SCADA, electrical and mechanical engineering, turbine performance, and product support. Mr. Laursen’s extensive applied engineering experience provides valuable insight for Riverview’s clients as they tackle engineering challenges.

Mr. Laursen holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the Engineering College of Aarhus in Denmark. He also has training in management leadership, Six Sigma, and risk assessments.