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Power of Ideas

"The thought pieces on the Riverview website are among the best I have seen in the industry."
- Bill Hoover, Renewable Energy expert and
former Director, McKinsey & Co.

Click on the radio to hear Chris Varrone discuss “Is wind energy the future source of energy in North America?” on the Money and Business radio show brought to you by Radio Shalom.

Click on the logo to read “Meet a Gargantuan Wind Turbine, the 7-Megawatt V-164” –Chris Varrone’s piece published on The Atlantic online.

Click on the cover to read “Generation Innovation,” Chris Varrone’s article on the “new S Curve” in wind energy from Renewable Energy Focus.

RIVERVIEW IS FOUNDED ON THE PREMISE that ideas have power – but only insofar as they are true, seen in the light of facts and reason. We will not bluster, fulminate or evade the truth — inconvenient or otherwise. Our aim is to present the facts in as honest a way as possible, and give every opportunity for open dialogue. We are analytical, self-critical, and intensely international: what works in one country may not work in the next, but we firmly believe that all nations can learn from the experience of others.

We offer up this inaugural set of seven papers with a sense of humility. Please take them with the proverbial natrium chloride – as if the word “PRELIMINARY” still appeared in the upper right hand corner of each page.  Feel free to email us your critiques, and if there is sufficient interest, we will be glad to host a debate on the topic in the Blog section of the website.

“Ten Conclusions on Renewable Energy” (Jan 2011) Download PDF

“Wind Energy – the Next Generation” (a version of which appeared as the cover story in Renewable Energy Focus, Elsevier Ltd., Jan/Feb 2011). The wind power industry – down 50% in 2010 in the US – seems stuck in the doldrums, but new turbines are on the way that will get the industry moving again – and the next generation of innovations may well drive the cost of wind energy below that of fossil fuels. Download PDF

“Our Wind Energy Future” (a version of which appeared in International Sustainable Energy Review, Russell, Publishing, Dec 2010). To integrate variable sources of supply like wind and solar successfully, grid operators need greater operating flexibility including 1) forecasting/planning, 2) power trading across borders, 3) demand-side management, and 4) energy storage. Download PDF

“Letter to the Editor,” Denver Business Journal (appeared July 16, 2010). The DOE estimates that about 450 billion gallons per year can be saved by moving to 20% wind power by the year 2030. That’s like saving five Lake Dillons – every year! Download PDF

Point of View on Wind Energy (Jan 2011) Download PDF

“Contra Bryce” (summer 2010) – response to Robert Bryce’s claims in the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post and elsewhere that renewable energy does not reduce carbon emissions Download PDF

“Contra Fallows” (Dec 2010) – response to James Fallows’ pro-coal piece in The Atlantic, “Dirty Coal, Clean Future,” which was quite interesting and provocative, but contained a number of errors (all of which made renewables look worse and coal look better than they are) and showed a general ignorance of wind energy and European energy experience Download PDF