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"In a matter of weeks, Chris Varrone energized our existing Product Management team and helped them put out an end product requirement document that was far in excess of all our expectations. The end result was an acceleration in our critical time to kickoff the engineering."
- Lars Andersen
CEO, FloDesign Wind Turbine Corp.

STRATEGY We advise technology companies, investors and developers including Fortune 500 corporations. Topics include product/market strategy, cost of energy modeling, market requirements gathering, site selection and assessment, technology selection and operational benchmarking.

FINANCING We help clients position themselves for investment and/or strategic partnerships, and we help investors across the spectrum from venture capital to private equity to project finance find attractive opportunities and conduct due diligence.

EDUCATION As a “power of ideas” company, we often write position papers and articles, and speak publicly about renewable energy topics. We promote enlightened, nonpartisan dialogue through blogs, social media debate forums, and in personal appearances.

Technology companies We are strategic advisors to early-stage technology companies.

  • What do customers require – rated power, environmental conditions, Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF), Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE)?
  • Based on an understanding of different customer segments, which segment is the “sweet spot” for our technology and for our company?  Wind class, geography, environmental conditions, customer type.
  • What is the right financing strategy for our company – self-funded, venture capital, private equity, corporate partner?  How should we go to market – direct, sub-supplier, JV partner, licensor?
  • How does the LCOE of our technology compare to competitors and alternatives (e.g., solar, natural gas)?

Developers and Operating Companies For developers and Fortune 500 corporations, Riverview can advise on renewable energy development. This includes:

  • Site selection and evaluation Our knowledge of where technology is heading is crucial (e.g., radar interference, bat kills), and we can advise on the best methods of evaluation (e.g., met mast vs. SODAR).
  • Technology selection We can help identify the best choice for your operation – not the one that’s best for the manufacturer.  We can also help ensure that the buyer gets all he should in terms of documentation and data access.
  • Operations & maintenance We can help analyze and optimize O&M costs, getting past incompatible systems, organizational roadblocks. We help wind power plant owner/operators benchmark their performance and assess “best demonstrated practice” in a key areas such as availability/lost production, gearbox replacement, O&M costs, insurance, cyber-security, and condition monitoring systems (CMS).

Corporations Most large corporations today have sustainability goals (e.g., reduce carbon emissions, reduce water usage) and large portfolios of real estate.  But how does one optimize the development of renewable energy resources, across states and countries?  Riverview can help you figure out the myriad of incentives and technologies, and strategic options including investment in other peoples’ utility-scale projects vs. own-development (e.g., net metering, building mounted equipment).

Venture capital After several years of putting a heavy emphasis on solar, the investor community is waking up to the reality that there is a great deal of exciting innovation taking place in the wind space, not just project finance.  Dozens of VC-backed companies are now jockeying for position as they move through rounds of funding, and we can help venture capitalists with their strategy on existing companies and point them to the next generation of high-impact startups.

Private Equity As the existing cadre of companies matures, they will need growth capital.  We can help private equity companies access and evaluate these opportunities, as well as various special situations – distressed assets, hard asset acquisition, and projects. We do this either proactively or as part of due diligence.

Project Finance Especially where new technologies are being fielded, Riverview also gets involved with project finance, introducing projects to institutional sources of debt and equity.

Grid Operators Renewable energy often brings with it supply uncertainty.  Sudden additions or deletions of hundreds of MW of power cause major challenges to existing planning systems.  The need for greater flexibility can be met by a combination of better forecasting & planning, demand response, transmission build-out and energy storage.  Riverview can help transmission system operators quantify the options for providing grid flexibility, providing a critical fact-base for decision-making.