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"Chris Varrone worked well with the BWP team to add critical detail and broad business insight to
our product cost model. His focused,
pragmatic leadership on this project was excellent."
- Sandy Butterfield
CEO, Boulder Wind Power
and former Chief Engineer, NREL

RIVERVIEW is a strategy consulting firm focused on renewable energy technology.  Based in New York, Riverview is a networked firm with broad capabilities and a global reach.

Founded by Chris Varrone, a Cambridge University-educated economist and former McKinsey & Co. consultant, Riverview brings the discipline of economics and customer value to all its projects.

Riverview’s aspiration is to be the premier renewable energy technology consulting firm through the power of ideas.  You can read more about the firm’s points of view on the “power of ideas” page. The first big idea is embodied in the firm’s motto, Enabling Innovation through Value Engineering.

Varrone established the Value Engineering practice at SAP-Nordics in 2006. Later, as Chief Strategist, Technology R&D for Vestas Wind Systems, he realized that there was a need in the marketplace for a firm that brings the discipline of economic value to questions of renewable energy.

“Too often, people only think about how cool the technology is, or how it can take advantage of government support,” Varrone says. “The key is to think all the way through: how is this technology going to add real economic value to the customer?  How is it going to make it on its own?  You can’t rely on subsidies forever.”

Riverview consultants have worked with many different renewable energy generation technologies including wind (onshore, offshore), solar (PV, thermal), run-of-river hydro, biomass and geothermal energy — as well as related technologies like wind forecasting, site assessment, grid integration, demand-side management, energy storage, fuel cells and micro-grids.

Riverview’s mission includes client service — working with leading-edge innovators, their investors, partners and customers — as well as education — publishing articles, giving presentations and running seminars on renewable energy and value engineering techniques.

We love what we do at Riverview.
Please enjoy the site and let us know your feedback!

Founder & President, Riverview Consulting, Inc.